Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Psycho Spirituality Centre

Psycho Spirituality Centre

Psycho Spirituality (Trade Mark registered under Health Services) is an integrated approach of Clinical Psychology combined with Spirituality. It is one of its kind concept in India, for the first time, which talks openly about modern day medical science (i.e. Clinical Psychology) combined with Ancient Indian Wisdom and Practices (Spiritual Healing/ Spiritual Upliftment) which aims at holistic healing promoting “Healthy Mind –Healthy Body”.

Mental Health problems ranging from mild to severe, like stress, dipression and anxiety are continuously on the rise in the capital city and other parts of our country due to stressful and demanding fast moving life. (Ref: Study Report). To cater for the needs of the people suffering from a variety of psychological ailments and to give them the best and effective integrated treatment, we have formed India’s first Psycho-Spirituality Centre in New Delhi.

Psycho- Spirituality Centre promotes Spiritual Counselling and Clinical Psychology and its methods, which are used for prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitate physical and mental disorder cases and to relieve an individual’s emotional de-stress or any other form of dysfunction or disability. Centre is also promoting governmet approved and publically well-accepted ancient Indian healing teachings and holistic treatments like meditation, yoga, yog nidra and spirituality etc.

The Need of Psycho Spirituality Centre

Spiritual health and Spiritual needs of public are not being met by any organisation. India is a spiritual country where more than 80 to 90% population either religiously follows or strongly supports faith/healing based treatments, before they even consider a doctor or a hospital visit in times of need. Even today, end number of cases knock at a doctor’s doorstep when they have simply been let down by all the kinds of faith/healing based solutions. Not to our amazement, even educated class people also some time blindly follow such rituals and healing methods. Therefore, we thought of conceptualising a new health service, namely “Psycho-Spirituality”. Our first and foremost aim is to bridge the gap between the medical sciences and families/patients to stop falling prey to old belief and methods of healing which has no relevance in treatment, thereby getting delayed for the proper medical treatment.

Centre also conducts many wellness activities under one roof and conducts de-stress and motivational programs for the corporate and government staffs and value based living for students and youths.

Our Aim
Through Clinical Psychology use the scientific methods and approach to understand human problems in behavior, emotions, thinking, relationships, and health. Through Spirituality treat all patients for faster recovery in hospital and educate them to maintain a good health.

Special Services Being Offered:

Psycho-Spiritual service are special services which are being offered by the centre are for all IN patient as well as OUT patients of the hospital. We also focus to target all health seekers (medical and spiritual) , foreign patients and visitors.

Departmental activities

Spiritual activities:
When it comes to end number of spiritual treatments and healing methods, we specialize in the following fields:
• Psycho-Spiritual Couselling
• Meditation
• Yoga
• Yog Nidra
• Past Life Regression
• Pre-Marital and Marital Counselling
• Special Couselling pre and post pregnancy.
• Family Counselling
• Art of Holistic Living
• Healthy Aging Spiritual Couselling
• Awakening Positivism
• Cleansing of Chakras/Kundalini
• Mantra Healing
• Mudra Healing
• Reiki Healing
• Foot Massage
• Ayurveda, Homeopathy, etc
• Oher Healing Methods
Please note that not all therapies work for all individuals, we believe in dealing with case specific treatment which may or may not involve the above said specialisations. We cater to individual needs and problems bases on our experience and guidance from masters.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Human mental behaviour depends on robust mental health. Human behaviour is extremely complex. Because of its complexity, state of mind affects significantly behaviour of an individual in many ways. Amxiety, depression, physical symptoms comming out of neurobehavioral symptoms are causes for abnormal mental conditions and ones emotional functioning. The gravity and the social impact of these neurobehavioural disorders are enormous. Hence we must give special attention and care to prevent such behavioural changes occuring in any individual.

There is Universal law of cause and effect and the Universal law of attraction. Some call it in west as Law of Attraction. But in reality, it is purely on our ancient Indian scripture words "yath bhave tath bhavathi" means "what you think and perceive is what going to get maifested for you"

Mind and thought process compounded with the effect of energies of people arround (sangath), which gets accumalated over a period of time, creates personalities in us. Personalities creates consequences and attracts energies as per the vibes and further creates actions arround us. We all have the ability to break free of the unconscious mind and create our own destiny.

If one become aware of self as a soul energy, and gives attenton to self in a defined time gap, one can avoid getting attracted to negative vibes from the environment. You become aware of other souls around, not as a person but as other Life Force. Early morning prayers must have thoughts for others well being rather than having thoughts for self prosperity. Try to see divinity in others and in evrything you see today and everyday. You develop a DIVINE aura around you. We call it positivity or positive vibes in our Psycho Spirituality.

Divinity, for certain, gives control over our life to create harmony, cooperation or reverence in our life. We need to empower our mind to enlighten our soul to get spiritual elevation and in turn success in daily life.

Love and Light to all



Monday, January 10, 2011


We all know that the life, which we call pranic force, is the universal force, which controls and stimulates all the activities of the body. We also call it Psychic Energy or Soul Power.

Like a magnet influences its magnetic field on near by metals, this pranic force, can heal a diseased person. In health, it is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances create the changes, which leads to deterioration of health. Universe provides positive energies and ways to make a person return to the normal and healthy conditions.

Psycho Spiritual healing happens when there is homeostasis state between the healer and the diseased. When there is a harmonious relationship established between the soul and the mind. Between subconscious and conscious mind of two.. By awakening this Pranic force and by becoming mentally aware, healing happens.

In Psycho Spirituality Research Centre, treatment and healing are done by,

Psycho Clinical Healing
Nature Energy Healing
Psychic Energy Healing
Pranic Energy Healing
Mystical Power Healing
Divine Power Healing
Spiritual Power Healing

It is the nervous system, which controls all body parts in human body. It is in the subconscious, where illness originates; hence we focus on this subconscious to remove it. Our aim through Psycho Spirituality is to make a patient positive to the treatment so that the recovery is faster than in the normal case. We give attentions to patient’s consciousness during the health care so that the patient receives and takes the medications and therapies with more positive approach to recover faster.

Love & Light



Monday, January 3, 2011


Create Your Own Healing Miracles

Our life force is an energy, We call it Soul Power. If we raise this soul energy, we can start our own healing by raising the mental, emotional and physical immune system of our body. Through Psycho Spiritual Cleansing Process one can make their subconscious mind to interact with super conscious or higher self, which can raise the energy level of the persons sub conscious mind.

All therapies are effective till one takes charge of self and becomes responsible for his health. Exploring one’s own self self awareness, accessing one’s higher self, and raising the quality of one’s own soul energy is the basis of spiritual growth and taking control of one’s own destiny.

Psycho Spirituality presents the theory and techniques to accomplish the restoration of health.

Through Psycho Spirituality one can learn to raise the vibrational rate of one’s own subconscious mind and soul, to stimulate one’s body’s own natural healing processes.

Through Psycho Spiritual Processes one can explore several natural approaches to healing that include Karmic Clearing, Balancing Genetic Imbalance, Soul Mates and Companions, Effect of Vastu, Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression, Healing, Meditation, Yoga and Divine Dependence and Enlightment.

Psycho Spiritual Research Team, which is trained specially under the guidance of our revered Master, has developed a special teaching module with self mastering techniques for healing. Our approach is to compliment the physicians, psychotherapist and other health professional, to whom one must always consult before altering the medication.

Clinical Psychologist

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Psycho Spirituality And Human Health : The most accepted view on Psycho Spirituality, is that "psychology" relates to the mind and "spirituality" inspires a much broader perspective to include that which transcends the mind. The Psychospiritual approach integrates both psychological growth and spiritual attunement, seeing, therapy not as a 'cure to crisis', but as a support for each one, on their particular journey. Indeed, situations and crises are not seen as problems, but as a divine step for greater spiritual emergence and opportunities for individual growth.

Known as the fourth force in therapy, the Psychospirituality builds on traditional theories of human growth, however in addition it includes recognizing and accessing higher consciousness through such tools as meditation, visualization, creative arts, awareness, intuition, inner attunement and healing through special techniques.

Psycho-spiritual approach is the application of mental concepts to lead one, to spiritual insight, revelation and growth. The cornerstone of psycho-spirituality is the process of taking responsibility for our mind-body system, and then moving towards a proper inner cleansing process. As we all know, bath gives freshness to our body, calmness gives freshness to our mind, love gives freshness to our heart and peace & happiness gives elevation and enlightenment to our spirit.

To integrate Psychology and Spirituality, for betterment of human health, we have started India’s first Psycho Spiritual Research Centre in Delhi under the spiritual guidance of our master and guide Divine Colonel and professional guidance of Dr Satish Kumar. (Contact:


Love & Light to all

Clinical Psychologist

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Human is the most highly evolved species. Human body of today is thousand years genetically evolved body. Human body understands the rhythms of nature and makes adjustments to adapt to the changes happened in the nature. This power can put in to use for the benefit of growth and development in human. Human body is most perfect instrument to express the power of supreme. We call this faculty as consciousness.

Those enlightened, who understand this secret, term this process as spiritual and connect it to GOD. To understand GOD we don’t need teacher. Guru is only a guide to guide you and impart you the knowledge essential to find your OWN GOD.

Consciousness is a flow of power, regular which instructs human to act. But a reverse action to understand the consciousness and getting connected to it gives a different connectivity, which we call DIVINITY. Divinity gets descended in the human, first in brain. This is also called our LIFE FORCE. Which is inter dependent on various other functions of human body like heartbeat, blood flow pulse etc. Brain controls our entire body system.

This DIVINE force works on our various centre points called CHAKRAS in our body. So there is direct connection with Consciousness, Life Force, Chakras, Auric vibrations and Human behaviour

Our human body has five basic elements (tattvas). They are Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether (akash). Chakras interact with these elements continuously in a rhythmic form to make the body subject to pain and pleasure based on the energies inside the Chakras. If one could do the kshata chakra bhedana, piercing the six charkas, one can win over the body controlled tattvas and can achieve the sat-chith-ananda state. A state when you have continous and constant happy, peaceful and blissful mind.

All psychic spiritual activities are to understand the life and to keep the above five elements of human body in harmony with each other through therapies and Ancient Indian Spiritual Practices revealed to the seeking consciousness of enlightened souls. We are making an endeavour to make this healing power available soon to all in need. OM.

(My Master’s Voice)

Love and Light to all


Age after age, men-of-God, have come to reawaken the spirit of human beings on this earth to make living life of all joy filled. But because of the problems related to genetic disorders, upbringing, own will wrong doings, environmental effect and proximity to bad characters creates imbalances in mental smooth functioning in day to day life of an individual. The message of goodness and godliness, purify ones nature by living a good life. Truth, purity, love, selflessness and righteousness needs to be accepted totally in ones life and activity to lead a healthy life. We need to pledge ourself to love, serenity, humility, forgiveness and non violence. We need to fill our heart with compassion, mercy and universal love.

I find immense energy in spiritual force. Being a psycho therapist, I find, the integration of spirituality and psycho therapy can have a highly positive effect on the psych of an individual. Spirituality is practiced in India since long, we call it sanatan. In all our spiritual teachings and practices, I find lot of psycho therapies in affirmation and chantings. God is the best solution for an individual for immediate psychological relief when in urgent need.

I thank my master and guide, Divine Colonel, ( for his spiritual guidance and making me, dedicate my professional service to integrate Indian spirituality and psychotherapy for the improvement of mental health of all in need in India and in the World. A mission assigned to me by my master towards creating ONENESS. I dedicate my spiritual service at the divine lotus feet of my master, so that cosmic healing power comes down to heal the world. OM.

Love and Light to all